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If an OUTDOOR ADVENTURE HOLIDAY is what you’re seeking, then you can do no better than take a 4WD safari tour to Cape York Tour with NorthWest Safaris. To stand at the most northerly point of Australia is a dream of many who enjoy travelling to remote areas.

Cape York is an area of Australia UNTAMED AND WITH A COLORFUL HISTORY of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander occupation, exploration and mining.

The area has a diverse range of scenery, flora and fauna making this Cape York Tours Safari a birdwatchers paradise.

Cape York also is a region of secluded beaches and rugged remote beauty. Large saltwater crocs inhabit streams, lagoons, & coastal areas.

There are the mighty river systems and its tributaries, making a 4WD a necessity for crossing creeks and even some rivers. BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL Fruit Bat Falls are a welcome sight for a swim in the crystal clear cascading waterfalls.

Explore the towns of Bamaga with its old war relics, Weipa an open cut bauxite mining town, Laura with its Aboriginal history and ANCIENT ROCK ART. 4WD safari through Lakefield National Park with its diverse, rugged landscape and MAGNIFICENT SUNRISES & SUNSETS.

Further southeast is – Cooktown where a host of interesting museums and history retold, can be found. The Australian east coast of far North Queensland is incredible here, and can be viewed from Grassy Hill. World Heritage RAINFORESTS in this area are a must to explore – pristine and primeval.

Cape York will inspire all who wish to visit and explore, from the dusty tracks that contrast dramatically with abundant river systems, the vast areas of UNEXPLORED WILDERNESS, diverse National Parks, sacred Aboriginal sites, Rainforests, steep mountains, rugged coastlines, secluded beaches and swampy marshlands.

NORTHWEST SAFARIS, in the utmost safety with experienced and knowledgeable local guides on a well equipped safari will show everyone on the safari tour THE TIME OF THEIR LIFE.

Cape York Beaches
Cape York Beaches
A truly fabulous experience – good company, great cook/guide/driver – top notch grub. Many thanks
Colin Green
Thank you for a wonderful trip. Great food, great company. The information on the Cape, the special spots where we stayed and where we had our lunches were excellent. Top Job, glad we came.
Greg and Flo Acland
A wonderful and informative introduction to Cape York – lots of great driving, food and laughs.
Sue Ellis
Fantastic! Loved every minute! Every day was an amazing adventure. Loved the small group and vehicle. Very social, fun, great food. Lots of surprises along the way. This is the only way to experience Cape York. I will be back, thanks for everything!
Marianne Kennedy
We found the tour extremely interesting with very friendly guides. We enjoyed all the activities and lunches. Please don’t change a thing – you do it so well! It has been a pleasure to share the days with you.